12 April 2012

Real Housewives of Anne Arundel County

Eat it, "Bethenny" Frankel. I have my priorities straight. No plastic surgery, no ghostwritten book. I also know how to spell. And all those Marthas on Pinterest who make ice cream and pinwheels and silk screen scarves with their clean, smiling children--is it fun taking all morning to prep, spending most of the activity making the kids hold still so you can get good pictures, and then cleaning up after they've melted into a puddle of tantrum in a puddle of ice cream and silk dye?

Like I said, priorities:

  • Priority 1: Keep Children Alive. 
  • Priority 2: Make Dinner. 
  • Priority 3: ...It depends. Some days, Get Dressed. Others, Do Laundry. Sometimes even Don't Yell At Stephen For Being A 3-Year-Old. I like to mix it up. You gotta keep things fresh. 

Regardless of the status of Priority 3, to be a successful working mom-on-the-sit I always focus on my goal and I never make myself feel guilty for neglecting those specialty tasks other mothers use to try to impress each other.

Like kitchen hygiene.
Or decorating.
Or bed-making.
Or showering.
(I do, however, make love to the camera.)

My goal? Don't leave the house. It makes everyone tired and hungry, I spend too much money at Target, and I start getting wild ideas about being informed while listening to NPR on the car radio. Dangerous. So far I've got a 98% success rate. (The internet really helps here, if I find myself at loose ends.)

Why waste time and energy trying to keep up with the Frankel, or Martha? I'll only end up rich, famous, and thinking that 41-year-old me should be played by Mila Kunis in the movie of my life, or making brownies with Snoop Dogg. Actually that last one might be kinda cool.

Most importantly, in the pursuit of my goal I will spend time with my kids, which is the greatest gift a mother can give her children. That, or check Hyperbole and a Half for a new post. It's been a while.


Dana said...

That's my girl!

Arato Girl said...

You're awesome. And still lovely when you don't shower, haha.

Julie Coleman said...

I love your priority list. Exactly what mine was in your season of life.

Laura said...

I love it Bethany!! My priorities look like...
1) Get out of bed
2) try not to fall back to sleep for the rest of the day
3) Get to work in a semi-clean uniform...

I have big plans to try and start making regular meals again haha!

Miriamrae said...

Ya, Bess, you're my freaking hero!!!! We'd get along just great. I'd bring the coffee. =D